Welcome to the Harnett County Broadband Assessment.  Broadband is important for Harnett County for education, health care, jobs, agriculture - literally our future in the 21st century.  Your elected officials are committed to ensuring Harnett County citizens have access to broadband technologies which are second to none in North Carolina.

By participating in this survey, you will help your County plan for a connected future.  At the bottom of this page are two small boxes under the heading “Survey Assessment Overview” which provide more information about each part of this assessment.  If you are ready to start the survey now, you have two choices. You can choose to take the Assessment which includes a Speed Test along with the survey, or you can simply choose to participate only in the survey. Please click the appropriate START button below and thank you for your help.

Survey Assessment Overview

The survey assessment, which is quick, is broken down into several parts.  These parts are detailed more completely below.  

Test Current Internet Capability

campbell univeristy - buies creek, north carolina

campbell univeristy - buies creek, north carolina

This section is an assessment of your current Internet access speeds.  We utilize an industry standard broadband speed test from Ookla to identify current broadband speeds at your location. 

Ookla relies on a network of thousands of computer servers across the country to support its tests - these servers are picked at random, but you will see the name of the test site on your screen when you start the test.

The test will measure both download and upload speeds from your current location.  Download speeds are important for receiving files, emails and other data quickly, as well as support for streaming services such as Netflix and Roku.

Upload speeds are important for transferring large files such as photographs, x-rays or complex documents to another location, or for working with interactive systems such as QuickBooks Online, Google Docs, or other business systems.

Citizen Survey

Angier, north carolina

Angier, north carolina

This section requests basic contact information including your address.  This helps us identify precisely the location of our residents and map where broadband deficiencies exist today. 

As with all parts of the assessment, your information is completely confidential.

This allows us to construct a strategy for bringing broadband providers into the County. These providers will deliver services that meet the needs of our residents, businesses, schools and institutions.

If you wish to volunteer as a "champion" for broadband in Harnett County, we provide an opportunity at the very end of the survey, to volunteer your time!. 

Our champions talk to their neighbors - put signs in their yards - simple but effective!  There is no obligation on your part, but we welcome the active support of every citizen in this effort.